Reshaping the education ecosystem


Schools complain on collaboration, procedures with promptness, complicated or lack communication with parents, unable to generate reports at moment, keep track of each student, managing the assessments a time-consuming task ultimately the time and cost consumed is a major concern.

Understanding the Users

Edumatic it’s the name for this project (I describe it later), which includes like target audiences students, parents, teachers and school control administrators. However, strategically I decided focus only in parents and teachers like end users. Although in background the students are the mainstream users.

In order to deeply learn users’ demands about this platform, the interview is considered as the best method for the research. After the Sketch phase, I had interviews with 6 teachers helped me gather qualitative data and learn whether Edumatic could help them meet their goals. I asked about the teacher’s lifestyle, about their ideal workflow and their time invested to grade assignments, exams or fill reports. I meet too with two parents couple. During the interview, we talked about their routine related to school, their payment process, the school performance of her children, and good or bad experiences related to school administrators.

In relation to student management, many teachers and administrative people identify with Microsoft Excel Reports as a result of their routine. I discovered teachers lack the time and resources to tackle the amount of assignments to grade and therefore feel overwhelmed and stressed.

In general, parents and teachers opinions gave me a clearer picture of thinking from their perspective. I compiled the insights from the research phase and connected information into trends through Affinity Map and I make User Persona Cards with real data collected.

User Persona Cards

Product Proposition Value

With the information gathered, it was concluded that Edumatic must be a Cloud platform where the whole school get fast and effective access to student information in real time & everywhere. In addition, The Edumatic Workflow will help to reduce administrative work and provide a wider reach than the current local systems (desktop software), while improve a effective collaboration with time saving, cost reduction and tasks easing for management, teachers, parents and students across a SasS Model Business for private schools and institutes in Mexico.

Competitive Research

I dedicated to audit/review of competing websites and apps and I generated a report that summarises the competitive landscape. I take sample the 5 most similar competitors with SEO top presence in Mexico. I only show 2 competitors examples.

Competitive Landscape Report

Creating The Visual Brand

Considering the visual design of the competition and The Edumatic Core Value. It should be said that the logo was created in tight and deep connection with the whole educational concept. I want that the logo was rather stylish but flexible for icon apps. I take the mainstream symbol of the school success, the square academic cap and combine it with the symbol of education, a book, inside an abstract geometric mixture.

The final logo sketch

I also used clean, lowercase typography in two different weights to create a strong anchor for the icon and optional tagline. In addition, it is vital to be ready for research and deep analysis of existing competitive products in the sector in order to create a beauty and usable product, increasing brand identity and attracting users.


User Interface

With wireframes built on in-depth use-case scenarios and competitive & workflow studies, I started the UI Design process for the cloud based application with the key functionalities in mind. The sitemap was simplified by grouping modules and representing them with intuitive icons on fixed menus.

Prototype UI