Hi, I’m Aleks Iralda

A Freelance
Designer based in Mexico City.

I collaborate with developers, agencies & institutions to enhancing user experience & redesign visually their digital projects.

I build Design Systems, CSS Architecture, Style Guides, Visual Identities & Nice UX/UI Prototypes for Website, Apps & Software.

I've strong background in video production & digital marketing, though now I specialize in UI Design, I can give support at any stage of product design, from UX Research to Web Design. Currently I work reshaping the private education ecosystem at Edumatic, my own digital product.


I build long-term relationships with agencies and developers looking to outsource work to me safe in the knowledge it'll be delivered to a high standard and on time.

Wireframing and UI prototyping

I planning the content distribution and usability with wireframes and I design high-fidelity prototypes for user / developer testing.

Brand / UI Design Systems

I work building documentation and component-based style guidelines with color palettes, typography, icons, interactions, layouts across multiple devices.

Front-End Web Development

I’m also fluent in HTML/CSS/JS & WordPress. That means I can bring PSD, XD, Sketch designs to life through code and give to developers a complete focus on back-end development.